Did you know…

A well-designed wellness program can reduce



Health Care Costs

Workers Compensation and Disability Management Claims

Sick Days

and can improve




Job Satisfaction

Employee Moral


Throughout my career as a Holistic Nutritionist I’ve seen first hand how wellness can dramatically impact a business’s success.


Your employees are happier. They love coming into work. They’re creative. They’re focused. They take care of themselves. And they have one less thing to worry about. Their health.

When they come into the office they are FOCUSED.

They are DRIVEN.

And they’re spending typically 30-50% LESS on health care costs.

More than 60 percent of employers said workplace wellness programs reduced their organizations healthcare costs.

My mission is to help small businesses bring these wellness tools to their employees in a way that works for them.


Did You Know

More than 70% of employees would participate in workplace wellness programs in their company provided them.


Are you ready to have an office full of happy employees who are productive?


Here’s how I can help you:

  • Option 1

“Lunch and Learn Your way to wellness”

4-6 week program

Topics to include:

-Eating for Energy

-Sugar the Addiction and the Attraction

-Which  Diet is right for me

-Eating Healthy on the go

If extended to a 6 week program:

-Hormones and our Food

-Mindful, Mindless Eating

  • Option 2:

1 Educational Lunch and Learn (30-45min) with topics ranging from:

-Food Allergies and Sensitivities

-Why Organic

-Why Cravings

-Diabetes, how to manage with my diet

-Smoothies Yes or NO

**Health Screenings can be provided to all employees in BOTH packages


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