As a Physician Liaison, my role is to serve as a direct link between you, the Doctor, and your patients. I will provide wellness support to your patients in areas of your choosing, or custom to your patients needs. I have an extensive background in Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Consulting which has enabled me to provide a variety of solutions and support beyond just weight loss.

My Role.

I am the “missing piece” to your practice. As a physician liaison my mission is to make your life easier as well as take care of your patients. Our partnership will allow patients to achieve a variety of health goals while under your supervision and care. Together we will create a comprehensive wellness program for your patients that will have them leaving your office feeling full-filled and taken care of.

Benefits of Wellness Consulting:

  • Helping patients prepare for their medical visits, such as preparing questions and reviewing progress since the last visit with the patient and with the medical team
  • Answering questions regarding medical instructions and processes
  • Confirming that information is correct in the medical chart
  • Following up with the patient after a visit to your practice
  • Strengthening patient satisfaction
  • Motivating patients to change behaviors and to self-manage their health toward meeting mutually agreed-on goals.

Your Benefit:

My primary objective as a Wellness Consultant is to educate the patient regarding self health management and to encourage patients in taking a more proactive role in staying healthy.

Working with a Wellness Consultant allows the patient to feel empowered during their appointment. Patient’s will no longer worry about “face time” with you. By working in conjunction with a Wellness Consultant, I am able to obtain lifestyle information and other stressors that could be impacting their health in a more relaxed setting without time pressure. They feel more confident and in control about discussing their health.

The End Result:

Happy & Healthy Patients who leave feeling great for choosing your practice for them and their family.


How to know if a Physician Liaison Right For Your Practice

Do you have patients who suffer from

Adrenal Fatigue

Emotional Eating

Food Cravings

Thyroid Disorders

Food Allergies

Belly Fat

I am currently offering two physician liaison packages geared towards optimal wellness and improved lifestyle choices.

Here’s how it works:

Each patient will receive a comprehensive health evaluation. During their intake session (60 minute) we will go over their health history; this is a comprehensive intake of questions ranging from medications, supplements. Current health, health of parents. Nutrition as a child, surgeries, illnesses. This session will help the client and I make out a plan to overcome their health concerns. Depending on their health concerns, they have the option to choose from a 4-month or 6-month wellness plan. Each includes nutrition sessions, email support, resource and referral list, access to workshops, and a supermarket field trip.

They will leave with a better understanding about their body. Through education and consulting they will have mindset shifts surrounding food and it’s role in their health.

Let's see how I can help grow your practice

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